The Weekly 411 (8/15/14)

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August 15, 2014, Issue #32

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This week's author-illustrator in the spotlight is Troy Cummings, author of THE NOTEBOOK OF DOOM early reader chapter book series and several picture books.


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  For Illustrators

"Drawing 100 Lions or Maybe More"

Kelly Light: Drawing on what you know. Drawing on who you know. Drawing out the character….through drawing

Jerry Craft: When Creating Your Characters, Consult the Experts! (PS, EVERYONE is an expert!)

Referencing and Citation Style Guides for Writers

"Why You Should Ignore Most of the Advice of Your Critique Group . . . but They Can Help You Anyway"

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Query Theory

7 Ways To Make Yourself An Easy Author to Work With

100 + Picture Book Agents

How To Write Historical Fiction Characters

  • What: a chance to have your PB, YA, NA or romance Twitter pitch and first 250 words reviewed by an agent
  • Award: agent eyes on your work and other prizes to be announced