The Weekly 411 (3/13/15)

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Friday, March 13, 2015, Issue #11

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The SCBWI Golden Kite winners for 2015 were announced.

Publishers Weekly reports that children's book sales soared 20% in 2014.


This week we feature author Carol Gordon Ekster and illustrator Akiko White (who illustrates in cake). They are both giving away goodies!

For Illustrators

Show off Your Stuff

How to Make a Picture Book "Re-Readable"

Nonfiction or Informational? What's the Difference

Mar. 16  Picture Book Contest (from the people who bring you Sun v. Snow)
  • What: submit up to two picture book pitches
  • Prizes: six agents will review the pitches and may request submissions

Why (Most) Authors Don't Need a Facebook Page

Navigating the Forest of Forest of Feedback: 8 Ways to Recognize Helpful Criticism (and how to Ignore the Rest)

5 Tips on How to Write a Novel Synopsis

Ask a Picture Book Editor: How to Submit a Cover Letter

#NLA Query Tip