The Weekly 411 (4/10/15)

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Friday, April 10, 2015, Issue #15

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This week we feature picture book author Vivian Kirkfield.


For Writers

Breaking Down Book Categories

My List of 125 Children's Publishers and How I Use It

May 1 Slushpile Challenge
  • What: Submit 1-2 paragraphs in your MC's voice about what they most want in the world
  • Who: SCBWI member, unagented, UK resident
  • What: Pitch your PB on Twitter for agents to request
  • Prize: If an agent is interested, they favorite your pitch and you can submit to the agent

April 30 Free Rhyme & Meter Clinic with Renée LaTulippe - listen to Renée LaTulippe critique and fix rhyming PB manuscripts or children's poems. Submit your snippet or question.

April 1-30  2015 National Poetry Month Kidlitosphere Events Roundup
What: All the poetry happenings by kid lit authors and poets to celebrate National Poetry Month

April 1-30  Blogging A to Z Challenge

What: Blog every day in the month of April, using the letters of the alphabet as inspiration for your topic

April 1-30  RhyPiBoMo with Angie Karcher

What: Join other picture book writers who want to learn more about rhyme and poetry. Register for daily blog posts from poets and experts and win chances for prizes.